Reclaimed Wood In Denver

1/13/2016 11:10 AM

Reclaimed wood is one of the best choices for home remodeling projects, and the good news is, reclaimed wood is available in Denver, just look for a good retailer!

If you are luckily enough to own a home in Denver you know the immense satisfaction of having something unique, so when the idea of renovating your home is on the table, it’s important to look for unique materials.  There are lots of exclusive and unique materials available on the market and reclaimed wood is in this category. Reclaimed wood not only offers unique beauty, but also has history, which makes it extraordinary. Reclaimed wood is also versatile in any style home, whether you like a rustic feel or contemporary, reclaimed wood no doubt suits any home.

People in Denver are going to great lengths to use reclaimed wood.  Reclaimed wood will not only allow a homeowner to make a one-of-a-kind statement about their home, but this wood also gives the homeowner quality and long lasting durability. 

Keep in mind when shopping for remodeling materials; reclaimed wood is not available at the big chain hardware stores.  Finding the material requires a little more thought and planning, however, reclaimed wood is easily available on the Internet and through local retailers, which means you are supporting your local Denver economy.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood in Denver?

Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly, which means it isn’t processed or grown on farms where trees are planted to grow fast and cut down quickly.  Though reclaimed wood represents a tree that has been cut down, it is likely that the tree is one that grew in a natural environment where it thrived on sun and nutrients for a much longer period of time, making its wood stronger, more durable, and naturally has a richer color. Trees rushed through the natural growing process, which is the wood you buy at chain hardware store, cannot duplicate the qualities of reclaimed wood.

Buying Reclaimed Wood in Denver

There are many companies selling reclaimed wood on the Internet in Denver, making it easier to find and purchase.  In some cases, reclaimed wood is cheaper than new hardwood.  Depending on the kind of wood you wish to purchase, you can sometimes find reclaimed wood from $5 to $20 per foot.  Local shops and retailers have also started selling reclaimed wood around Denver.  Finding a retailer can be easy by using the Internet or in phone directories.  Just keep in mind; some retailers are just trying to make a quick buck.  Choose a retailer that is knowledgeable, has a true passion for reclaimed wood and is reasonable in pricing.

More Tips for Buying Reclaimed Wood:

  • Before deciding on a retailer, compare your options and ask questions.
  • Purchasing reclaimed wood online is an ideal choice and if possible request to see the wood before purchasing it.
  • Don’t look for cheap options to save money.
  • Read reviews and testimonials about the retailer and their products. Make sure the retailer has knowledge about the history of the reclaimed wood they are selling.  Pick a retailer that is truly compassionate about the reclaimed industry and the material they are selling.  


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