What you didn’t know about Reclaimed Metal Sculptures

1/25/2016 9:47 AM

Reclaimed Metal Sculptures are created from Inspiration

Artists create recycled metal sculptures as a way to express their inner beauty, while providing beautiful items for anyone.  But let’s dig a little deeper…. Let’s talk about what else inspires a metal sculpture artist to create their art form.

 Most everyone has seen and even been curious about reclaimed metal sculptures at one point or another.  Metal sculptures create a focal point wherever they are; at the center of a town square, at the furthest corner of your favorite restaurant, even mounted on a car!!  Chances are, the metal sculpture that caught your eye (and you know it has) was not only inspired by the artist’s inner beauty, but also by the artist’s love for the environment. 

Metal sculpture artists are discovering that wasted metal can be turned into really unique art!  An artist’s inspiration for a cleaner planet is creating a new avenue for letting out their creative ideas for others to love and admire! 

You can find Turning Point Studio's Rams Head, pictured below, here.

Rams Head Barndoor

Why are Reclaimed Metal Sculptures so appealing?

Metal artists often create their sculptures based on natural things such as animals and people, along with abstract objects.  These types of pieces are very appealing to the eye because we all can relate to them.

Also appealing is the metal itself. Sculptures can be made from any metal imaginable; copper, steel, bronze or even aluminum, and to add to the appeal-a sculpture made from reclaimed metal!  Imagine a sculpture of a majestic animal and the main feature is the weathered and often-rustic appearance, which by the way, is found only from reclaimed metal.  What you see is a natural and earthy blend, which describes what??  It describes life, indoors and out! 

Metal Rams Head Sculpture

Benefits of investing in reclaimed metal sculptures


Reclaimed metal art pieces can be inexpensive to buy depending on the artist and the quality of the metal.  Regardless, reclaimed metal sculptures are a great value because the pieces are environmentally friendly, which means when purchasing a reclaimed piece of art you are not only making an investment in the arts, you are making an investment in our planet.  These artists are taking scrap material that would otherwise be thrown in landfill and turning it into valuable artwork.  By investing in this art, you too are making your own contribution to conservation and the environment. 

Another benefit of investing in reclaimed metal sculptures is the durability of the metal.  Metal is durable whether new or reclaimed, so why buy a piece that is made from brand new metal?  That reclaimed piece of metal is just as durable as the new one, with a lot more benefits!

Colorado Metal Sculptures

Last but not least, reclaimed metal is versatile.  Artists can create almost anything, and of any size.  The versatility of reclaimed metal can even meet the needs of a complex client who requires a custom sculpture design.

Lets throw in some decorating ideas

  • Reclaimed metal art sculptures are a perfect fit in gardens and landscapes, whether large or small.  The sculptures add such a unique touch. 
  • Consider using metal sculptures for fencing a property!
  • And remember, reclaimed metal sculptures are not just for the home, but will make a statement even on commercial properties, whether it’s your office or your restaurant!  The sky is the limit!!!! 

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