Reclaiming our Environment with Old Reclaimed Wood

9/13/2015 12:00 AM

Something Old is in Style

If you live in an old vintage house, you already know the great satisfaction that comes with having something that is unique. When you renovate your home, you look for one of a kind material. Unlike most other materials whose general appeal lies in their looks, old reclaimed wood has more than that; reclaimed wood has an interesting history and great beauty. And not surprisingly, many people are now going to great lengths to find old reclaimed wood to make an artistic statement about not only themselves, but their homes as well.

Old reclaimed wood with nail holes

Sources of Old Reclaimed Wood

Lumber can be effectively reclaimed from a wide range of sources. The most abundant supplies can be reclaimed from the old vintage buildings including warehouses, barns and factories that have large volumes of lumber, which is often pine, oak and chestnut. This type of wood is usually in sizable pieces that make the wood extremely flexible for future use. Wood can also be effectively sourced from fences, railway sleepers, and storage vessels such as beers casks, pickling containers and wine barrels. These sources produce wood that has great depth in terms of color and unique patterning. Lumber can even be effectively reclaimed from the old shipping pallets that are built from the exotic hardwoods because of their strength and durability. There is also a timber supply that's recovered instead of reclaiming. This type of lumber comes from trees that have toppled over and died naturally, or trees that have fallen into rivers.

Advantages of Using Old Reclaimed Wood

1. Reclaiming is environmentally friendly.  Reclaimed wood is not grown on farms that cultivate only trees that grow fast and are not supportive of the ecosystem.

2. Old reclaimed wood has character and age, which cannot be mimicked. This type of lumber most likely grew in the natural environment where it actually had to fight hard for its' nutrients and sunlight, which made the wood durable and strong. Aging also brings out the natural color of the timber.

3. Most old growth lumber is not readily available. There are various regulations that prevent many different species of trees from being harvested.

4. It has its own unique history. Old reclaimed wood comes with a very fascinating story behind it.

5. Old reclaimed wood is less expensive. When buying this type of wood, you can save money!

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