Our Planet's Reputation

8/19/2015 3:17 PM

Nature and Reputation

It is important to realize that our planet is being characterized by its diminishing natural resources due to the over-exploitation of our forests as well as other environmental concerns.  With that said, it is necessary to emphasize the significance of using reclaimed building materials as often as possible; it is imperative to reuse building materials rather than dumping them in landfill.  Reclaiming our natural resources can, and will slow down the exploitation of our magnificent forests as well as nurture Mother Nature’s well being.  Let’s be characterized by conservation, not exploitation. 

The Endless Potential

Building materials can be reclaimed from industrial buildings, warehouses, and barns to name a few, and each of these examples contain large volumes of reusable materials.  In fact, it’s fascinating to note that using reclaimed materials from a building has benefits not only to the environment but also to the well being of our communities.

Environmental Benefits Far-Reaching 

The process of reclaiming building material often requires fewer resources, less labor, and less energy compared to disposing materials in landfill, recycling, and of course manufacturing new building products from virgin materials. Reclaimed building materials are an excellent alternative compared to other management methods of waste material. This explains why reusing reduces water, land/air pollution, and limits the demand for new natural resources such as petroleum, fibers, timber and other materials that are used in the construction of a building.

 Nowadays agencies for environmental protection have identified the reduction of waste as the most important method of reducing global warming by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Reduction of waste is the only way of conserving our environment.  Reusing will reduce over-exploitation of natural resources, which results in maintaining our precious natural resources.

Old Barn and Peacock

Reclaimed Building Material -  A New Industry in Our Economy

Apart from environmental conservation, reclaiming building material also helps to boost the economy through the creation of a new industry; the reclaimed industry!!!!  Essentially, the reclaimed industry will contribute to the creation of new job opportunities for the experienced as well as the non-skilled workforce.

Community Benefits

This industry offers an excellent advantage to the disadvantaged population of our communities.  Rather than disposing reclaimed building materials, big industry as well as the homeowner can donate to charities that turn around and offer the material at an affordable price, and/or donate it, for the use of construction of new homes and other structures that are needed.  Also, there are building recovery centers that offer essential programs such as youth programs, job training, and programs to help disabled and at-risk individuals in our communities.  All of these programs help raise the quality of life to so many people.

Keep these ideas in mind when you have your next building project.  Help promote an industry that will not only help set the right example for future generations, but to will also make our world a healthier place to live!

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