Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood Tables

8/27/2015 8:55 AM

Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood Tables

Incorporating reclaimed furniture in the home is becoming more common primarily because each piece offers timeless style and unique character. Different types of reclaimed furniture utilize different types of wood and finishes. You can use a reclaimed wood table in Colorado by simply finding a style that is not only appealing to you but also complements your home decorating ideas. Since each piece has a unique look, there are many options you can choose from when decorating a cabin, lodge or even your home in areas such as the bedroom, dining room and living room. 

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Three Great Reasons to Buy a Reclaimed Wood Table vs. Brand New

1. Reclaimed wood tables are made from environmentally friendly sources:

As our society grows more environmentally conscious, it is vital to make purchasing decisions that will also help you play your part in this noble cause. Reclaimed wood tables are usually made using non toxic paint and glue, recycled wood and natural oil finishes. As our natural resources continue to deplete, it’s necessary to rethink our strategies and impact by utilizing essential elements and resources that would have otherwise been discarded. Therefore, by using reclaimed wood tables, you directly support the use of recycled material for different products rather than cutting down trees to make new tables. The benefits include reduced waste, reduced use of energy and reduced amount of toxic chemicals. Besides having a positive impact on the environment, this will also make you feel better about the new table. The main goal is simply to produce high quality, beautiful products with minimal impact on the environment. 

2. Decorate with reclaimed furniture:

Reclaimed wood tables are visually appealing because the designers use a wide variety of woods, each providing a unique style. On the other hand, rustic wood gets better with age especially as weather elements gradually bring out its natural charm. Although reclaimed wood tables are generally made from old wood, the quality is usually much better than that of new or fresh wood mainly because reclaimed wood comes from old factories, barns and houses. Besides being environmentally friendly and visually appealing, each reclaimed wood table in Colorado has a unique character that creates a sense of intrigue. Utilizing reclaimed wood tables brings out refined elegance in the house and is great for creating the perfect rustic charm. On the other hand, it blends well with other interior designs and woods; therefore, it blends in perfectly with any existing style or design. 

3. Reclaimed wood tables take damage well:

Reclaimed wood tables have a weathered, primitive look to them. Therefore, each reclaimed wood table in Colorado has that feel like there is a rich history behind it. This works to your advantage when your life also adds history to the table. A busy family puts a lot of wear and tear on frequently used furniture, and chances are that your table will start showing signs of wear soon after you’ve bought it. However, with a reclaimed wood table, instead of looking ugly, natural distress gives it more charm and character. 

A reclaimed wood table in Colorado gives you long-term satisfaction by simply having an item with a unique twist. Therefore, the reclaimed wood table will always stand out as something different that reflects your unique taste and style. 

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