Milling Services

Reclaimed West can provide you with custom milling services

Milling Services 

Reclaimed West offers many different options to our customers including saw milling services to create precise building materials & dimensional lumber.  Contact us with your specific dimensions for custom cut pieces.

-Saw Mill (cutting, shaping, sanding, planing, edging)
Our horizontal band-saw allows us to cut into dried logs and reclaimed materials to create beautiful timbers, slabs, and dimensional lumber. We create straight timbers with a band-sawn surface that are prefect to use for your building projects. Reclaimed West can also treat the surface of your wood to create the perfect color finish, we even offer environmentally friendly stains on all materials.

-Custom cutting / rough cutting 
  We provide superior cutting services with our state of the art machines and tools. We can mill flooring, lap siding, and rough cut boards to 3/4".  Do you have a project that requires cutting that goes beyond the capacity of your current tools? Lighten the load with Reclaimed West and we will transform your solid material into precise lumber. 

-Fallen Tree Removal Services
   Do you have unwanted or discarded wood or a need to remove old stumps from your property? Reclaimed West provides fallen tree removal services to the Western U.S. Perhaps, you have a special tree that is dying or diseased and wish to transform it into something that will last?  Speak to a Reclaimed West specialist about our competitive pricing on tree removal.

   Slabs and book end pieces are very popular in the reclaimed furniture industry. Hire Reclaimed West to create matching book ends with your specific sizing requests to help start your residential or commercial project. We can provide you with slab quotes on a variety of wood species from oak, spruce, cottonwood, walnut, cherry, and even more reclaimed hardwoods and exotics. Slabs come up to 10ft in length and can be cut to create the specific width you are looking for.

We also provide:
-box beams
-dimensional lumber

Do you have any milling needs or reclaimed projects that need our attention?  If so, please contact us with your project specs.

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