Bring Home a Reclaimed Pet!

Reclaiming wood, reusing grass clippings and donating clothes are great ways to be environmentally responsible, but let’s not stop there.  Did you know adopting an animal from a rescue is being environmentally responsible as well?  And, just like reclaimed wood or grass clippings, “reclaimed/recycled” pets have endless possibilities!


Reclaiming an Animal is A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Being environmentally friendly when adopting a pet means you’re reclaiming an animal, and that has endless rewards!  The most obvious reason is you are saving an animal’s life.   According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are 2.7 million adoptable animals in shelters across our country.  The number of animals that are euthanized every year is reduced every time an animal is given a forever home.

Pets add a unique, loving addition to a family.  Big families, small families, cat families, dog families!!!  Pets make people happy; in fact research shows that having a pet benefits a human’s health, mentally and physically.  Pets keep us active and boost self-esteem.  Pets are also a great way to introduce responsibility to kids of any age.  

reclaiming animals 

The Gentle Barn

A great example of animal/people therapy is The Gentle Barn.  This organization rescues neglected animals and gives them sanctuary for the rest of their lives. Not only do they do awesome work with animals, they offer amazing programs that interact the animals with children to teach empathy, love and kindness.  Check them out. 


Puppy Mills/Cat Mills Are Hell on Earth

Puppy Mills are one of the biggest culprits for animal abuse and over breeding.  Their focus is only this; high profit and low overhead cost.  The animals are not a high priority; over crowded cages, no exercise, and no human interaction.  AND, did you know that 90% of puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills, which means every time a puppy is bought from a pet store, a brutal puppy mill is profiting.  Get you pup from a responsible rescue!  NO PUPPIES FROM PET STORES!!

If you are drawn to a certain breed, find a good breeder.  There are lots of them out there.   Before buying a puppy (or cat) from a breeder do your research.  Start by interviewing the breeder.  A responsible breeder cares about their dogs and will welcome questions, allow you to visit and will even want to interview you.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) has tons of information on how to find the right one.  Of course there are rescues that offer certain breeds.  Check those out too.

My family has two reclaimed dogs, two reclaimed cats and one pure bred golden retriever.  The breeder we adopted our golden from encouraged us to visit, ask questions and visit their dogs.  The breeder also interviewed us.  A responsible, caring breeder won’t sell to just anyone and certainly won’t sell their pups to strangers.  If they aren’t interested in you as a dog owner, don’t buy their pups!!!!!!

Reclaiming animals 

In Conclusion

Reclaiming a pet means you are being responsible, loving and getting a companion that will give you years of happiness!


“In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.” Author unknown.


“All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain.”  Maura Cummings.