Salvage Services

Salvage Assessments
Reclaimed West offers general estimates to determine how much your items are worth, and how much it may cost to remove your salvaged goods from your location. For smaller salvaged materials, we accept drop offs or pick ups for unwanted but useful items. Imagine how your discarded materials could be used by taking the extra time to reclaim your items and you are improving your carbon footprint dramatically.

Acceptable Materials

Reclaimed West encourages you to contact us with more information about the materials you have to offer. We suggest sending images, calling, or emailing with photographs of your goods before setting up a time to drop off or pick up items. 

We accept the following materials:
Reclaimed Lumber
Building Materials
Design/Decor Materials
Cast Iron
Lighting Materials
And more!

We do not accept:
Woods treated with harsh chemicals / stains or sealers ok?
MDF Materials
Particle Board
Dry Wall
Light Bulbs

What we've created with our reclaimed materials:

By generously donating your materials to Reclaimed West, you are directly impacting local artisans! Local artist's and designers that we work with are proud to work with your reclaimed materials, check out some of the piece's our team has made recently:

Gary Miller, a very talented and dedicated artisan has taking discarded metal and wood to create this intriguing sculpture. Gary is a master at twisting metal.

Dan Sjorgen is a versatile designer and woodworker, who uses reclaimed wood in his beautiful cutting boards that are offered through Reclaimed West in a variety of styles.