Urban Forest

As Reclaimed West grows, so does our knowledge of reclaimed materials and where to find them. Our cities and towns are abundant with beautiful trees all around us. We pass by them everyday on our way to work, school, or play. Sometimes an urban tree will need to be removed due to sickness or city planning. RW wants to capture and reuse the beauty in these trees for something more than mulch. We have been able to reclaim urban forest deadfall from towns in Colorado and California.  Our inventory of urban forest reclaimed inventory includes cottonwood and black walnut from Boulder County in Colorado.  We were also able to reclaim some amazing redwood trees from Stanford University Golf Course and valley oak from residences in Palo Alto and Los Altos, California. We look forward to working with cities, homeowners, and contractors in their choice to reclaim this incredible natural resource sitting right outside our doors.   It is also a mission for Reclaimed West to work hard toward making urban forest deadfall a more viable and obvious choice for building materials.  Please let us know if you have an opportunity to reclaim some trees near you..