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Reclaimed West (RW) is a provider of quality reclaimed materials, furniture, home furnishings and design/ build services.  RECLAIMED IN AMERICA / MADE IN AMERICA by American craftsmen and designers means putting jobs back into the hands of our region’s finest craftsmen.

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Reclaimed West (RW) is a provider of high quality reclaimed materials, design and building services, and furniture. We provide our services to The Rocky Mountain Region, The SF Bay Area, and The Ozark Mountains. All of our products are hand-crafted, reclaimed, and locally made.

The team at RW shares a passion for preserving and reclaiming materials, whether it’s an old barn, our urban forest deadfall, timbers that have been discarded by energy companies or reclaimed metal.

We strive to provide our clients with the finest reusable materials available through barn deconstruction, material suppliers, designers and artisans located in the Midwest,  The Rocky Mountain Region, The SF Bay Area, and The Ozark Mountains.

Reclaimed West’s mission is to manage natural resources and promote American industry and craftsmanship by repurposing U.S.A. made materials. It is our aim to support Craftsmen, Artists, and Companies that have the same passion and to inspire consumers to rethink and re-use before buying something new.

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Contact Us

Please reach out to us with any comments you wish to share.  Also, we can customize material to meet most specifications.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Phone number – 650 931 5268

Reclaimed West

828 Independence Avenue

Mountain View, CA 94043


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Reclaimed Wood

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Reclaimed Barn Wood

Barn wood from Reclaimed West is a mix of Red and White Oak and other hardwoods. We can select pieces based on your project needs.


Portable Field Office




Milling Services



Doors and Barn Doors






Barn Deconstruction


Check out the Sweetwater barn deconstruction!