So just a quick note on “Take a Second Look” from Troy

Reclaimed West makes fairly frequent trips between our yard in Keenesburg, Colorado and Mountain View, California.  I was the assigned driver for the most recent trip and ended up making an early stop in Wells, Nevada for a repair to the trailer.  Wells is a small Nevada town that I have passed through well over 50 times in my lifetime on my way to and from California, Montana and Colorado.


So I decided to take a second look at Wells and found a gem of a place I would have expected to come across in Glacier or Yosemite National Park.  Angel Lake is just 8 miles south of Wells, Nevada in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest at an elevation of 8,378 feet.  The steep drive from the high desert of Wells to Angel Lake (a glacial tarn) was an amazing transformation from sagebrush and barren landscape to an incredibly lush, glacial lake teaming with trout and surrounded by aspen trees whispering in the wind.


We have all heard the term “stop and smell the roses”, so I did by taking a second look at, frankly, a pretty desolate little town, I found a treasure that has been nestled in the Ruby Mountain range for oh…… around 65 million years!


So take a chance and a “second look”, as we do at Reclaimed West when we reclaim an old barn or repurpose our urban forest deadfall.  You might be shocked and inspired at what you find when you reclaim an old door or weathered wood from the beach.

Please share with us your own reclaimed story and don’t hesitate to “Take a Second Look”

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