A Second Chance For An Old Barn

At Reclaimed West we specialize in reclaiming the building material from old structures whether they are barns, homes or commercial buildings.  We are very passionate about providing reclaimed materials to today’s construction industry, but we also like to celebrate when we see an old structure remain in tact, finding a new purpose. Over the last month we have been able to visit the Barn Chatterbox –  Antiques and Specialty Shops in Castle Rock, Colorado.

This beautifully aged structure has kept its strength for over 100 years in historic downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. Initially brought to life in 1905 to serve as the site of the Douglas County Lumber Company Mercantile, photos captured dating back to 1925 all show it at the edge of town, isolated and almost ignored because it wasn’t the fanciest of buildings at the time. But it has stood the test of time unlike other structures, later becoming the home of the C.H. Richardson Lumber Company.

In May of 1998, The Barn Antiques and Specialty shops opened to the public becoming affectionately known as ‘The Barn’. To this day visiting The Barn is a portal back in time to a rustic era, where you’ll embark on an inspirational idea, and thought provoking stroll through 15+ shops handcrafted with care and artesian creativity. There really is something for everyone – even those who aren’t big shopping fans have admitted to a soothing, therapeutic experience with wonderful interactions from fellow customers and shop owners alike.

So if you are passing through Castle Rock, stop in and check out the history and the great use of reclaimed buildings still standing and materials used in the shops inside.

We look forward to sharing more stories of old structures like these and if you have a story about a structure like this please send us a message and a few pictures.

If you are looking for reclaimed materials such as white oak, mantels or aged barn wood or have a structure you would like to restore or deconstruct please call Troy at 650 931 5268 or send an email to troy@reclaimedwest.com

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