March 2018 Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Check out the pictures of RW’s latest adventure from Colorado to Kentucky.




IMG-0579 (1)

“Eddie, our trusted Co-Pilot!”

As you see below, tobacco barns (sometimes called sheds) are unique to the area where they are built, and every farmer has their own preference for the venting system, depending on winds and efficiency.


Below you see the empty trailer heading east, being loaded, and then ready to head west!  We picked up 3,000 square feet of white oak, all recovered from tobacco barns.  IMG-0489



Some of this inventory is available at our Colorado yard, and the rest continued west to our yard in Mountain View, California.

As tobacco crops have been on the decline since the 1980s, the barns on landscapes are disappearing.  The wood is now becoming popular not only for its beauty, but also its durability, and rich history.  Eventually, wood from tobacco barns will be impossible to find.

The wood makes beautiful hardwood floors, shelving, tables and more.  Give us a call if you’d like to see our inventory.


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