Barn Deconstructions

This barn was love at first sight.  Its beauty is timeless; it was built in 1890 making it one of the oldest barns in Allen County, the barn’s rich history, and the vitality of its structure all add to the beauty!

Every piece of wood we saved still holds value for anyone looking to build and decorate with reclaimed material while adding a piece of history to their own home.

Fort Wayne Barn

As the disassembling began, the barn began to reveal layers of beauty.   The barn held valuable secrets, and one of our favorites are the threshing floors.

A Brief History of Threshing Floors  

Before the industrial age, farmers would have to “thresh” the grain from a harvest by hand using a flail.  Threshing separates the seed from the stalk and husks. Before the flail, farmers would thresh the grain with their feet or even use oxen.  Threshing floors have a history all the back to the Old Testament.

Fort Wayne Barn

The cool thing about old threshing floors is their character.  A threshing floor shows over a hundred years of wear and tear from the hard work of a farmer.  The look of these floors cannot be duplicated.  Threshing floors make beautiful hardwood floors in today’s homes.  The floors unique style look especially awesome in a kitchen as it gives the room an inviting warmth, just as a kitchen should.

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