The Beauty of a Redwood Tree – Part One

IMG9537231Reclaiming Opportunity

With the help of Colony Landscaping, RW had the opportunity to recover a small grove of redwood trees from the Stanford Golf course in Palo Alto, California.  Unfortunately, the redwoods were occupying an area of the golf course that wasn’t suitable any longer.

The future of this redwood grove was a chainsaw, a chipper, and then a final resting place at the local landfill.

Pristine Beauty

Reclaimed redwood is timeless. Therefore any piece that is created from redwood will have a permanent beauty in any setting.  Reclaimed redwood can be made into beautiful benches, chairs, or tables.  The possibilities are endless.

The Urban Forest

RW would like to thank Colony Landscaping for their valuable lead, and we look forward to working with them, along with local Urban Forests to discover (and recover) valuable materials that would otherwise be destroyed and thrown into a landfill.

We encourage everyone to check out their local Urban Forestry Service for information and opportunities to keep communities green.  Following are a few organizations that have great info.  You can locate your local Urban Forest with a quick Google Search!






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